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The Order is an amalgam of two traditions: 

1.       The ritual of Knight of the Celtic Cross was conferred on the Grand Master by Desmond Bourke in the late 1960?s. The Fellowship of the Celtic Cross ritual was, adapted from one used by Marian Green in the West Country and is therefore part of the Celtic tradition.

 2.       The Order of Spiritual Knights of the Celtic Cross authority is an Instrument of Appointment as Grand Master dated 25/3/2007 from Bishop Norman Dutton the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide who was also Lord Abbot of the Order. 

The purpose of the Order is to keep alive the ancient Celtic traditions of mystery, imagination and independence and to encourage the study of these traditions so the values of these are kept alive in the modern world.  These include Druidry, the so-called Mystery of Britain [the Arthurian legends], the ancient tree language of Ogham and divination, e.g. by runes or geomancy.  The Celtic traditions of course cover not only Wales and the West but also France, particularly Brittany, where there used to be a Druidic College at Avallon. 

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